Malene from Raaw in a Jar was featured on This Way - By Julie Pallesen This week’s power inspirational woman is the Danish darling, Malene Christensen who lives in LA and have lived their for the past four years. She works with the new natural skincare brand,Raaw In a Jar which has existed for some years but has now been re-launched. This brand is are 100% natural, non-toxic, cruelty free products made with certified organic ingredients – the formulas are original, created and tested by the team behind. All products are carefully handcrafted with the finest cold pressed oils and raw ingredients.

I met Malene for about 6 years ago in Denmark when we were working at the same company. I have met Malene i LA i september when I was there and again in New York last months. Malene is a  cool, postive and hard working girl who listen to herself and want to have a passion for what she does. I have a respect and admire for Malene as she listens to herself but at the same time, she has a drive that makes her capable to do everything she puts her mind into.


Check out Raaw in a Jar website here

I have made a Q&A with Malene about goals, life, and inspiration, which I hope you can use to find inspiration to your own life, like I do:

  • Q: What is your currently project that you are working on?
  • A: I am working on an all organic skin care line called RAAW in a jar. The line just had a make-over with new packaging and a brand new look –  so now we are just working non stop on getting it out there. 
  • Q: How did you end up doing what you do today?
  • A: Honestly I have no idea! I really believe in faith. I met Trice ( the founder of Raaw in a jar ) some years ago in Denmark and I have always believed so much in her concept and just how she started still amazes me – plus the products really works wonders. I worked for another company at that time but I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try something new and I always felt passionate about RAAW in a jar. 
  • Q: Did you set goals about where you wanted to be?
  • A: I didn’t really set any goals. I had an idea about what I wanted to do and aimed for that. However, I never imagined myself living in LA but within a few months i quit my job in Denmark, gave up our apartment and just kinda took things how they presented themselves and our goal was basically just to set up a life here in LA  –  which takes time and can be tough, but now we’ve lived here for 4 years and love everyday of it. Best decision made
  • Q: What inspires you in life?
  • A: I am so lucky to be able to live in the most inspirational city. LA inspires me all the time. You have so many aspects of life here and so many different cultures. You meet so many inspirational and talented people who all have an idea and really pursue it – sky is the limit. 
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • A: My surroundings. I have amazing girlfriends and friends who keeps inspiring me in what they do and how they succeed and definitely my husband Nima K. He motivates me everyday and I have never met anyone like him who has has a drive and energy like that. Moreover, there is nothing better than to see what you work hard for becomes a reality 
  • Q: How do you take care of your body?
  • A: Health plays a big part over here and literally everyone walks around in their workout gear. There are so many opportunities and I try to work out a least 3-4 times a week. I either go for a morning hike, go to the gym or take a soul cycle class. I love Kayla Itsines – she makes great work out videos on youtube and after just trying some of them I can see a difference.  Lastly I make sure to eat healthy ( luckily i never really had a thing for fast food )  I drink plenty of water and then a wheatgrass shot is the best you can ever do for your body. 
  • Q: What is your food item/s of indulgence?
  • A: I just recently discovered Frozen Greek Yoghurt that is a better alternative to frozen yoghurt. Whats good is that they have amazing healthier choices in toppings like goji berries, carob chips and chia seeds. Definitely a must go if you ever come to LA.
  • Q: What is your beauty secret/tip?
  • A: A beautiful glowing skin comes from within. Drink water and eat your greens!  I know it’s kind of a mandatory tip by now – but it shows on your skin. I always take turmeric pills as its good for you in every way and is an amazing detoxifier. I carry our amazing anti aging rose hip seed oil (roll on) on me at all times. It’s perfect to keep in your purse to always stay hydrated, I even use it as a highlighter on my cheekbones, as a lip balm and apply it around the lips as well to avoid & prevent those small wrinkles that eventually will appear.
  • Q: What is your next goal?
  • A: To take RAAW in a jar to the next level & travel more! 

raawinajar_malenechristensen2 Follow the lovely Malene Christensen and her journey on Instagram here and the Instagramnew 100% natural skin care brand, Raaw in a jar here and visit their web site here

Get inspired by Malene Christensen like I do!


Julie Pallesen

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